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Stalling mazda maxima

My daughter’s 2000 maxima stalls when ever she stop for a redlight or stop sign. She’s taken it to two nissan dealers, and they can’t figure why this occurs. She is studying at the cleveland clinic and is there all different hours, and don’t want her to be out late and stalled at a light. I live in Cincinnati and I worry about her, I would like to get it fixed before the winter hits, as you know up here there are brutal.

How many miles on it? How long has she owned it? I am reading it right that it does it every time she stops?

Is there a Check Engine light on? Is regular maintenance up to date? We need more clues.

the car has 125000 miles on it, she has owned it for two years.It happens after about a half hour of driving and when she parks for a bit then tries to drive somewhere it also happens. The check engine light is not on. She maintained the car on a regular basis, she has taken it to a few different nissan dealers with no luck.

How long has it been doing this?

It started three months ago.

Can she stop it from stalling if she puts in in neutral and presses lightly on the accelerator?

yes it keeps running when she puts in neutral

Have they looked at, cleaned, or replaced the Idle Air Control valve?

is that expensive to fix