2002 monte carlo ss-43,000miles is stalling-stalls at idle most of the time but will stall while driving. seems to do it less with a full tank of gas and premium gas. sometimes will take 10 minutes to restart,if this happens I pull the vaccum hose off the fuel regulator and it starts right up and I can get home with it off.Fuel filter changed,mechanic says fuel regulator and fuel pump checks check engine light. My research says possible crank case positioning sensor or mass air flow sensor.Not sure what to try next,any thoughts?



It could be the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor, or the idle air control valve (iacv). You can KNOW if you had a mechanic who could measure the voltages at the MAF and iacv, with the engine running; AND, save a pretty penny (or, more). The instructions for finding the voltage values are in the repair manual–such as a Haynes, or Chilton’s. Somebody got one?
I wonder if the fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator were checked using a fuel pressure test gauge.
Cleaning the MAF and the iacv could prove beneficial.


thanks for the information. I did check the fuel regulator with a pressure gauge. I am not sure if the mechanic used one for the fuel pump. I will pick up a manual. Is it easy to check voltages on the MAF & IACV ? I am an electrician so the testing part will be easy for me,but finding the sensors will not. I will try to find the problem myself because 2 mechanics said they can not find the problem and the dealer wanted me to shell out 1,200.00 and then they said they would re-test the car. This included a new computer,fuel injection cleaner which I have done once and fuel filter. I told them no way.