Stalling car - backing up hell

Hi All!

I have a stalling problem with my 2001 BMW 325 manual transmission. It is not consistent, but once it happens (about once/twice a week) it continues for about half an hour. Usually occurs when I have started car and begin to back out of parking space - engine will simply stop as I have clutch depressed and slowly adding gas. No jerking, just a stall.

When I go to start car again it sometimes takes a few seconds for it to turn over and I end up giving extra gas as I back up to prevent stall. Yet it can happen a couple times. Once it has started when I put it in first gear it stalls then too and is likely to do so at the next stop sign/light until I can get car up to higher speeds. Twice it has happened when I am going up steep hill and going slowly around a turn.

I have told all of this to my mechanic and he has replaced the crank speed sensor and idle control valve. Car ran beautifully for 3-4 days and started up again.

I don’t drive that much, sometimes the car will stay parked for up to 3-4 days. Am frustrated with this problem and dont want to keep replacing parts that may not be worn out.

Any ideas are welcome!

Thanks in advance - Pascale