Car stalls when stopped at lights, etc and restarts after a few minutes

My 2000 Mercedes Benz ML 320 with 203,000 miles stalls when I stop at traffic signals. It restarts after a few minutes. Yesterday it would not restart for several minutes after I stopped for gas.

More information is necessary!

When you say, “it would not restart for several minutes”, what exactly happened when you tried to start the engine?

Did the starter turn, but the engine did not start?
Did you hear no sound from the starter?
Did the engine start and then suddenly die again?

Also…Is the Check Engine Light lit up?
Is the car overdue for any of its maintenance?

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The car sounds normal when I try to start it. It just doesn’t turn over. The dashboard lights are also normal, that is, they are all on when I am cranking. Nothing unusual.


Crank sensors are a very common failure item on your car. I’ve replaced scores of them.

You might also want to do a fuel pressure test . . . fuel pumps are a very common failure item on your car. I’ve replaced scores of them.

The first thing I would do is hook up a scan too, or at least a code reader, and retrieve any stored/current fault codes. You might be surprised. If you see a crank sensor code, you know what you have to do.

If you wind up needing the fuel pump assembly, make sure you replace the filter and the lines with the updated parts, if you haven’t done so already.

I had a similar issue on my ML 350 some time ago.
I ended up replacing the crank shaft sensor.
The reason car starts after few minutes is because sensor area cools down, allowing the car to start.
I did check fuel pump at that time, but it was fine.