Stalling 2003 Ford Escape

Our 2003 Ford Escape has about 35,000 miles on it. After starting the car, and driving a few yards, it will stall. Most times it starts right back up, but occasionally it takes a minute or two. My daughter drives the car and reports that it sometimes shudders on acceleration after a stop. After trying several less expensive options , such as cleaning valves,our mechanic has replaced the computer, and says this is a common issue with '01-'03 models. He says if the new computer doesn’t correct it, Ford recommends replacing up to 4 different parts. The problem continues. Any ideas?

Was one of the less expensive options you tried getting a basic tune up? Sometimes a new set of spark plugs can work wonders if yours are worn out. Just curious, how were your valves cleaned, with a fuel additive? What are the four parts your mechanic wants to replace?