Issues with a 2003 Ford Escape

I have a 2003 Ford Escape which was running fine up until two months ago. All of a sudden it was making a slight noise and giving me an oxygen sensor code. I replaced the oxygen sensor and then I got a leak. I thought it was the oil pressure switch so I replaced it, but it turned out to be the power steering pressure switch and so I replaced that! I also replaced the manifold gasket, 5 out of 6 spark plugs, and just recently bought an EGR valve. I got a misfire on startup today after I replaced the valve and it was running with a putter but no codes came up. I ran it a bit and got two oxygen sensor codes and the startup misfire code. When I was out at the store I started up my car, or tried to I should say, and it just died after startup. It happened three times in a row but after I pressed on the gas and finally was able to put it into gear I was on my way. The engine makes this puttering sound and when you press on the pedal it sounds like a baby chick is in the engine but ever so slightly, like that sound isn’t crazy loud at all but I can hear it.
I am at my wit’s end with this vehicle! Can someone give me some advice??? I would GREATLY appreciate it!

SIDE NOTE: I was thinking it was a Cam shaft sensor problem. Thoughts?

Why did you replace all the parts you listed except the pressure sensors? What was the “slight noise” ? Why did you replace the spark plugs at all and then only 5? Why did you replace the EGR valve?

What exactly were those codes? in the format P1234 Do you see a camshaft sensor code? Why do you think it is a camshaft sensor problem?

Are you doing these repairs yourself? What tools do you own to diagnose these problems? I hope you at least have a code scanner, one that allows you to see the real time data.

I can’t even make a wild guess as to the issues this car is having. Please answer the questions I asked as well as how many miles and what transmission the car has.


Maybe it is time to treat your car to an actual mechanic. I am a do it yourselfer and had a lot of fun and saver a great deal of money by doing my own repairs but right now you seem to be replacing things by guess and golly. Couldn’t get that 6th plug could you? Been there got the T shirt.