Stall Testing clutches--on Trees?

Are you nuts? Driving up to a huge old tree and mashing on the gas to check clutch performance would do horrible damage to its skin. The pressure could bring in decay like incurable gangrene. Not to mention the damage to the roots from driving on them.

The tree might rot out totally and fall on you when you are on your way to the bar. Not good. Please post a retraction, and for stall tests recommend immovable objects that are also inanimate.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Trees, Yelling (PETT,Y) convenes in Boston next week at the New England Grows trade show and conference. We will picket your offices next Friday at noon if a retraction is not printed forthwith and heretofore, in perpetuity.

We understand you meant no harm, and appreciate your consideration of trees in the future.

Guy Meilleur, ISA Board-Certified Master Arborist,

Founder, People for the Ethical Treetment of Trees, Yelling!

You wouldn’t be an extremist alarmist, would you? I think thou protesteth too much. And, you wouldn’t be guilty of excessive exaggeration, too?
Tom and Ray don’t live here; nor, any person officially connected to CarTalk. So, this is my own, individual expression. I’m free to speak in our American society; or, do you disagree with that contention?

Trees are why we have chain saws…If something on The Radio Show bothered you, you had the option of posting your drivel on the forum titled “The Show”, with the rest of the drivel…THIS forum deals with Repair & Maintenance…

Thank you; wrong place. I’m new here, and thank you for the suggestion.

Caddies are junk! hahahaha

I am no arborist, but I have grown up around trees, and stall testing a passenger vehicle clutch against your average run-of-the-mill native mature tree is going to do more damage to the car than it is to the tree.

Ethical “Treetment” of Trees? Cute.

A wind, especially a gusty wind, blowing against a tree (either in full-leaf, or nude) will produce a tremendous amount of force against the tree. A gusting wind would produce more severe oscillations of force against the tree than a car pushing against the trunk. The forces, of wind or car, could be calculated, even measured; but, all that we are concerned with, right now, is that the force is far greater from the wind than the tree would see with a car or truck pushing against it’s lower trunk.
We’re not fools, and we’re not indifferent to our environment. To state, or imply, or infer otherwise is …untrue and unfair.

Of course Klick and Klack meant no harm; that’s what I said.

“all that we are concerned with, right now, is that the force is far greater from the wind than the tree would see with a car or truck pushing against it’s lower trunk.”

Hmmm, if all that you were concerned about was driving down the driveway, you wouldn’t need to worry about putting oil in the crankcase, or paint on the body. But with trees, as with cars, we have to think about long-term use, or we won’t have it for long.

Decay IS like gangrene, but it’s harder to stop, and much harder to see. I’ve seen a lot of trees with intact-but-dead bark, that sloughed off to reveal rot and instability.

Seriously, there are a lot of immovable objects that are not alive. Use them!

Never heard trees described as “nude”. Hubba hubba!

O and I put this thread in the Show forum; sorry to bother you all. Bye!

Well, yes, to run the engine at all, even down to the end of the driveway (more than once) you would need to put oil in the crankcase. Paint is always optional. For you, condoms are not.

“Heretofore”??? You’re asking Tom and Ray to slingshot around the sun and attempt time travel so they can post a reply to you sometime in the past?

Huffing is no way to go through life.

“Guy Meilleur” … “Better Guy”???

Ever crash a car into a tree? The tree does just fine.

And if it needed to be “a huge old tree” there would be no need for arborists as we could simply use cars to remove normal size trees. Yes, I know arborists… blah… blah… blah. I’ve worked trees. Never bagged a redwood though.