How much longer can I expect my clutch to last

Vehicle is 87 Accord, 181k

Original clutch replaced at 120k

Tonight I ran the friction test 4 times.

Parking brake applied, standstill, 4th or 5th gear selected. Tried to start like normal.

2/4 times the engine quickly grinded to a halt. The other 2 times the engine ran for a second or two and even moved the car forward maybe 1 or 2 feet and then stalled.

Should I be concerned ?

The clutch isn’t slipping or anything and the engagement point on the pedal feels about the same as it always has.

No other problems otherwise.

Suggestions ?

the way I’ve seen this test described is to put the front of the car against brick wall so it can’t move forward. Sounds like your parking brake was slipping a bit.

But overall, your clutch seems OK. If you are the main driver and the original lasted 120k, no reason this one won’t last just as long. Me, I only get 80k or so.

I am the main driver but not the original driver. I actually learned how to drive standard in this car. Most of my driving is on the freeway, too.

but did you drive most of the original 120k?

no i didnt get this vehicle until it had over 170k

so the main limit to the clutch life may be your driving technique.

I would not worry about it yet.

bumps - need more opinions on this matter.

Did you run those test one right after the another? Doing it four times in a row is not recommended. You may have overheated the clutch and that is whey it failed the test.

Why did you do the test? Normally it is only used to verify a problem and only done once.

Now it is possible that you glazed the clutch testing it.

With luck it will be OK. How is it driving now?

Hi Jeff! My 89 Accord has the original clutch at 450k. Just drive carefully, use your head when engaging the clutch/gearbox. Don’t keep “testing” it . . . you’re wearing thing out. This era Honda has a cable adjustment on it (which I haven’t had to use even yet!). IMHO the clutch setup is a good one and if treated properly, you’ll drive it for a long time before you need a new one. My driving is mixed, town and highway . . . but I ALWAYS pay attention to what I’m doing . . . start-up and let it run only for a half minute or so . . then drive gingerly for the first 10 or 15 miles . . . engage & disengage the clutch and gearbox as if it were made of glass . . . don’t pound on the gas . . . easy on the brakes . . . just use your head and it will last a long time. This is a good design for a car. Rocketman BTW . . . how did you fair out with the previous problem? Did it return during your week at school? Just curious.

Thanks for replying,

Car is driving great now, clutch feels fine and isn’t slipping under load.

I thought it was slipping last night when I shifted to 3rd gear and noticed the rpms started to increase. But I believe it was because I accidently went from 2nd > Neutral rather than 2nd > third. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t dealing with a failing clutch thats why I tested it in the first place.

I didnt do it 4 times in a row, I did it once in the driveway, went inside for a bit, then twice in the driveway on the way out, then once at the filling station. Don’t know why, it was kind of dumb. I like to run tests several times to make sure I get accurate results. But I don’t want to ruin my clutch, i take good care of my honda otherwise. Thanks for the heads up.

hi rocketman, thanks for the advice.

the accord is great since adding the gas dry to the system. Since then i’ve driven the car back to school and then back home again and both trips went very smoothly. I’m taking the old thing down to Florida next week for spring break. Wish me luck.

wow! 450k on a clutch, I’m impressed. You must not let anyone else drive it.

The test you describe is damaging your clutch. Click and Clack have been doing people a disservice by advising them to do this test.

I have recommended the following test several times before and no one listens to me. My test won’t damage anything. You can do it every day in normal driving.

Drive normally in a high gear at highway speed. Floor the accelerator and hold it there. If the clutch slips, that’s bad. If the clutch doesn’t slip, that’s good.

No parking brakes, no trees, no chains. Just normal driving. I can’t imagine why Click and Clack continue to advise drivers to damage their cars: and similarly, I can’t understand why people continue to purposely damage their clutches when it’s not necessary.

By the way, my 1992 Honda Accord has 234,000 miles on the original clutch. I’m the only driver, and I’m very easy on the clutch. I’ve never tested the clutch per Click and Clack’s method, but I test it every day using my method. No slippage, no damage, ever.

thanks! wonderful idea.