Stabilitrac and reduce engine speed on Traverse

I have a 2014 Traverse that will randomly show service stabilatrac on dash then reduce engine speed and then stall. I ran code and it is P1682
If you let it sit a few minutes it will start back up and be fine for a few days or even a week or 2 and then do it again. Any advice is appreciated!

That code from a quick internet search, is for a bad ignition switch. GM had issues with that so search your VIN on Check for Recalls: Vehicle, Car Seat, Tire, Equipment | NHTSA and see if you qualify for a free replacent. Otherwise any good independent repair shop should be able to fix it.


Note that the stabilitrac message is a sign that the battery is low. I had that on my Camaro 2 years ago, and the message was accompanied by a slew of codes. I got a new battery and cleared the codes. The problem never returned.