SRS light on 2005 Honda Pilot

I had an accident and the SRS light turned on after that… Can anybody help me with? How can I reset the SRS light if my system is working well…?

SRS is the Secondary Restraint System - aka Air Bags. How do you know the air-bags are working until they go off?

Get it checked out.


How long after the accident? The SRS error might be related to the accident. If the times are close, you might ask your insurer what to do. A few years back, my daughter was in an accident. The shop that did the repairs didn’t replace the right front wheel bearing. When I heard it, we called our insurer immediately. A shop local to me said the wheel bearing needed to be replaced. The two shops and the insurer discussed it and decided it was covered.

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Are your seat belts still working ok? If not it’s possible that the pre-tensioner activated. Have a shop scan it and determine the fault.


I replaced the air bags and the seat belts… I suppose they are working…

I replaced both, the driver side and the passenger…

My insurance don’t cover that, and in a dealer it cost around a hundred dollars for only diagnosis the problem…

@Rdel66 - Did you replace the Airbags yourself ? Who repaired the vehicle after the crash ? Why won’t the insurance help ? The answer to these questions might get you better replies.

As for the diagnostic fee . that may be the only way to get a real answer.

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