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Squeeling/grinding sound in front right tire

I have a 2013 Hyundai sonata. Randomly today my car
starting to make a grinding/squeeling noise. It is coming
from the front right tire. It lasts for 1 minute then
completely goes away. Not sure if these details are
relevant, but it rained a lot today, and I got my front tires
changed last week. Video link below of the noise:

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Squealing sounds are often the accessory belt. It’s in the engine compartment, often located in the right front part of the car, so it might seem like the sound is coming from the right front tire. Belt sounds generally don’t make a grinding noise, so you may have two different problems. The most likely alternative explanation is the right front brakes are making the noise. That’s often said here to be a squealing or chirping noise. Brakes are designed to make a loud noise when they are about to wear out. That’s a safety feature. Ask you shop to check the condition of the front brakes, perhaps the pads need to be replaced.

Bring the vehicle back to where the tires were replaced so they can check the lug nuts for tightness.

When tires are replaced, it usually states that the vehicle should be brought back for this after 50 miles on the receipt. Or, check the lug nuts yourself to make sure they’re tight.