Squeeky bmw brakes


I have 2009 BMW 528 xi with about 5000miles. Began to have loud high pitched squeeking when applying brakes. Occurs first thing in morning immediately after starting car and applying brakes while pulling out of garage and driveway. Resolves and goes away within 1 mile of stop and go driving. Occassionally occurs later in day at the end of work after car has been in parking lot of about 10-12 hours. Car is garaged overnight. The brakes have been service 4 times by dealer. Initally they claimed that the pads needed to be smoothed of sharp edges. They then replaced the pads. Then they make slits in the rotors to prevent build up of dust. It usually stops squeeking for about 2 days.

The late Tom McCahill, who wrote an automotive column for the late Mechanix Illustrated magazine, once said that if your brakes squeek it means only one thing. It means you have squeeky brakes. There is no degradation to your car’s braking ability. Annoying, yes. A real problem, no.

does anyone know of a solution to this problem. living with it is not an acceptable option.

I’m sure the dealer has already tried all of the standard remedies. Have they tried putting anti-squeek spray between the pucks and the pads? It’s kind of a sticky substance, “miracle in a can” sort of thing. I don’t have this issue with my 535i or M3, so I’ve never had to try it.

Best I can sugest is a brake bedding exercise. Read up on it and see which flavor you like.