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Brake squealing


Just replaced the front brake pads, they have some squealing, how can I quiet them down?

There probably isn’t enough anti squeek compound on your brakes

salesmen sold me some special grease too use said it would take care of the brake noise, Used to put on some blue glue like substance that was used for noise reduction, but not sure if it still avilable.

Did you also replace the rotors?


no, the rotors are in good shape no groves, flat surface

Well that can lead to this problem. The rotors may look perfectly fine. But if they don’t have the proper surface finish for the new brake pads, the brake pads don’t get properly embedded into the rotors. This can result in mis-matched friction surfaces where the rotors resonate or develope a frequency that can be heard, and the brakes squeal.


Thanks, I was not aware of that issue, i will look into it.