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Squealing sound from engine when wet [VIDEO]

2005 Ford Taurus

It always makes this sound when I first start and it is wet outside. After a few minutes the sound stops, presumably after whatever is squealing dries up. Ford dealership said this would cost $1200 to fix.

If anyone knows what this might be or how to fix it, please let me know. Thanks!

Drop the dealership and find a good independent mechanic. He will probably tell you that you need a new serpentine drive belt. The video was not a great help as the sound should have been recorded with the hood up.

You need a new serpentine belt.

Yep, probably due for new serptine belt. Also rotate your phone 90 degrees next time you’re trying to take video footage of something.

Presumably the For Dealership you went to said more than just that it would cost $1200. What, exactly, were they planning to do for that $1200? That’s about 10 times the cost of replacing the serpentine belt.

I suspect the rest of the cost was the “oooo, this customer doesn’t know what a slipping belt is, let’s bilk him!” surcharge.