Squealing Pig in the Engine?

Although I grew up around a dad obsessed with cars, I somehow didn’t inherit the trait of being able to figure out what is wrong. I went to my car this morning, turned the key, and it started to gurgle (yes, gurgle) and squeal like there was some sort of small piglet in the engine. I have no idea what could be wrong. Can anybody help me?

The squealing is normally a slipping belt, such as your serpentine belt. That could be caused by the belt being slack or a seized bearing in one of the items driven by the belt, such as the alternator, air conditioner compressor, waterpump, or power steering pump.

On my wife’s car this was caused by a seized compressor, causing the belt to slip.

I can’t comment on the gurgling, other than that you have air in the cooling system, and the air is working its way through your heater hoses and heater core.

In any case have a good mechanic look at it. You may be heading for expensive trouble if you don’t fix this.