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2007 Rain and the Odyssey

Dear Friends,

I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey. I have had terrible trouble when it rains. I can drive when it is just drizzling. However, if I continuously go thru puddles, my engine light comes on and the car makes a terrible shrieking noise.

I have an awesome mechanic here in Philly, he says that all the belts look great, but that my car rides very low to the ground and that water is getting the belt wet.

It is so bad, that if I were driving on a highway where there is flooding… I would need to pullover.

Has anyone heard of this problem before?



You have a belt that is slipping. I think your car has a serpentine belt. The engine light comes on because the alternator isn’t turning at the proper speed. The shrieking noise is coming from the slipping belt. Have the belt replaced and have the tensioner checked as well. This shouldn’t be a terribly expensive repair.

I agree overall with Triedaq’s advice, but I want to add that there is another possibility.
If this car is missing one or more of the splash shields underneath the engine compartment, it is possible for a good belt with a good tensioner to slip when it is hit with a large amount of water.

If this car ever had bodywork performed, and/or if it was purchased as a used vehicle, it is very possible that a splash shield or two was damaged and was never replaced by the previous owner(s).

@VDCdriver has hit the nail on the head. If the sheild is missing or drooping it will allow water on the belt and cause it to slip. Then the alternator output voltage will drop.

Hello Everyone,

I love this way of communicating. The belts are fine and in good shape…splash guards are on. The tensioner is also fine. Got it back from the mechanic and it drives fine…of course it is not raining buckets either.


I think you need a second opinion. I suspect the serpentine belt and tensioner are not both fine.

If this is the original belt, it’s not a bad idea to replace it now because it is getting old. In fact, I’m guessing that you’re due for a new timing belt right about now, so it makes sense to do along with that service anyway.

Ok…will try that.

Thank you!