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06 Acura TL Squealing when accelerating

I have a 06 Acura TL 3.2. I’ve been hearing a squealing noise only when I accelerate. I’ve had my car worked on 3 times now for this problem. The first time they replaced my rear brake pads. The second time they replaced my brake hoses and had my brake fluid flushed. The third time I took my car to a transmission specialist who said my transmission itself looked fine but the oil needed replacing along with the serpentine belt and spark plugs. After 3 visits to mechanics and all the repairs done my car is still squealing. Now it starts out fairly noticeable but after 10 minutes of driving the noise becomes almost inaudible unless I accelerate extremely hard. I don’t think that this is from the cold seeing as it’s been high 40’s lately. Any ideas on what else this could be? I don’t want to spend anymore money on repairs that aren’t fixing the actual issue.

If you are stopped, in neutral, and you press the accelerator, does it squeal?

yes, means the problem is not the transmission. Probably the serpentine belt. Did you actually replace it? (you didn’t say what repairs were made) Perhaps the tension is set wrong.

All the worked mention I had done. The serpentine belt was replaced. And
when accelerating in neutral the noise is still there

The serpentine belt’s proper tension is maintained by a “tensioner”. Often when they age these tensioners start to become weak and the belts starts to slip, or in many cases the “idler pulley” on the tensioner assembly starts to squeal. Have you had that checked?


Agree; it’s likely the belt adjustment.

Thirded. The auto-tensioner is great until it fails, and then there’s nothing you can do to adjust it - just gotta replace it.

Here’s a picture that shows you where the tensioner is. I bet if you open the hood and listen you’ll hear that the squeal is coming from there. The view is from looking at the engine over the passenger side fender.

One thing to note - the pulley to the right that’s attached to the round-ish silver thing is the alternator, and when they start to die they can squeal too - since they’re so close on this engine you can be fooled into thinking it’s the tensioner. Based on the noise getting quieter as you drive, I doubt your alternator is going bad, but you should make sure where the noise is coming from before you have things replaced.

It is probably power steering noise, there is a known problem with air ingestion though an inlet O-ring.

Honda/Acura bulletin:

Applies To: _
_ 2004-07 TL - ALL

Under REPAIR PROCEDURE, a note was added to check the color of the inlet joint 0-ring if the vehicle was previously repaired under S/B 08-016.*


A moan or whine is heard when turning the steering wheel when the engine is cold. There may be air bubbles or foam in the power steering reservoir. The noise usually goes away when the engine warms up.


Air is entering the power steering pump through the inlet joint 0-ring. This causes bubbles to form in the power steering fluid, leading to reduced pump performance.


Replace the 0-ring on the power steering pump inlet joint.

I dunno. That’s more of a low-pitched groaning noise than a squeal. I had that problem with mine - very easy fix, but it took a week to get the part and over that week it never squealed.