Squeaky Steering Column

I have a 2007 Mitsubishi Colt CZT, over the last week my car has developed a rather loud squeaking noise. I have nailed it down to the steering column, when I am driving along with the window open the squeaking externally is loud and I am quite concious about it. It sounds like rubber squeaking on tarmac…it seems constant with the moving and turning of the steering wheel. When the car is stationery, you turn the wheel and its loud! Any ideas? Someone has mentioned a clock spring?

In my experience, clock spring noise has been fairly subtle, is more akin to a “rubbing” noise, and can be heard only when seated behind the steering wheel.

If the noise that you are hearing is loud, can be heard when the window is open, and especially if you think that the noise is coming from outside of the car [“the squeaking externally is loud”], I don’t think that this noise is from the clock spring.

More likely candidates are front-end components, like tie rod ends.
In any event, is this car still under warranty? If the bumper-to-bumper warranty is still in effect, this problem–as well as anything else besides tires–is covered.

By the way, since this car is not available in the US, I am assuming that you live in Canada or in the UK.
Where are you located?

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