Sqeaking sound from steering wheel

I have a 2001 lexus rx300 and now when I make a right or left turn I am getting a sqeaking noise like a door hinge that needs oil from my steering column.

Can you tell me what to do to get rid of this annoying sound without taking it to the dealer?

The noise might be coming from the clock spring behind the steering wheel. The clock spring is what allows the electrical connections between the air bag and other controls on the turning steering wheel and the wiring harness in the steering column.


You don’t need a dealer - but you will want a mechanic. There is no special magic to a Lexus that only a dealer knows about. Just find a reputable local mechanic. If it is one that specializes in Toyota all the better. (Lexus is Toyota).

I don`t know about Lexus, but on many cars that squeek is caused by a large rubber gromet at the bottom end of the steering column. Look under the dash to see what is there. Once you find it, spray it with some silicone spray lube. Buy it at any auto supply or even Wal Mart. Move the grommet up and down the shaft to spread the lube if you can.