Squeaky Sound in Front Left

When I push down (to test the suspension) on the front left part of my car, it depresses and comes up. The car stabilizes (stops shaking) nearly instantly. However, when I press it down, it makes a squeaky sound. Sort of a short lived, high pitch sound. The sound comes from the area where the struts/coil springs are located.

I drive a 1998 Honda Civic DX 2-door.

That’s It ? This Car, 13 Model-Years Old, Is A Senior Citizen In Car-Years. I’ve Got Creaks, Pops, and Cracks, Myself, That I Didn’t Have In My Youth.

It’s got wear (and tear) and not everything is like it was when it was younger. Can you hear the noise while driving the car ?

As long as it’s not a safety isssue, you’d probably be wise to forget about it. However, any car this age should have periodic “safety inspections” performed by a competent mechanic and done with the car on a hoist for a thorough under-belly check. Get this done now if it’s been a while. You want to be sure it’s not going to fall apart going down the highway.


Ha. Yeah. It’s also got about 180,000 miles on it. The car is in great shape. Sometimes I want things to go wrong with it so I’ll be forced to replace parts myself. It helps me learn about the car. Well, inexpensive parts.

I cannot hear the noise while driving.