New breaks sqeaking



I have a 2003 Toyota Corella. Recently I got my brakes replaced, and ever since then the front brakes continue to sqeak. I took it back to the garage, and they looked at it, sanded them down, but it still sqeaks when I step on the break. So, what is wrong? And is it something I should be concerned about? Thank you. Amy


i have found noisy brake jobs are mostly a result of unclean reassembly of the brakes. although the noise is annoying it is not an indicator of problems.

by chance did you take this to a discount chain for the brake job? i’m thinking THAT may be the problem.


Were the front brake rotors also replaced? Or were they machined/turned?

If the rotors weren’t replaced with new rotors, you could chase this brake noise forever.



Most common reason for squeaky Toyota brakes are that the installer did not install new shims behind the new pads. Toyota pads require a shim kit to prevent squeaking. Most non-dealer brake replacements either recycle the old shims (OK if they are in decent shape) or install the new pads without them. Failure to install any shims will cause the squeaking and squealing you are hearing.


I agree. It’s most likely the shims, or lack thereof.

Good luck getting them to admit to this.