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Squeaky front-end

The front end of my 1999 Saturn has started squeaking (groaning). It is most prevalent when I am making a turn and the temperature is below freezing.

If your Saturn has front wheel drive, it is likely the cv joints. They will be noisy when you turn as that’s when they are under a strain. I’m not sure the cold has much to do with it. Good Luck

CV joints “click” in a turn…A "groan is more than likely a control arm bushing. These are rubber bushings that the moving parts of your suspension are mounted in…

Sometimes, spraying them with a silicone lubricant will stop the groan…

There are a lot of things that can make a noise like that in the front end, but because it could be a ball joint seizing (dangerous) get it checked right away.

It appears to have something to do with the weather. Temperatures have stayed above freezing the past week and now the noise has stopped.

I’m going to have it checked tomorrow.