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Squeaky front brakes on honda

My left front disc brakes squeaks/grinds only at very low speed, when using the brakes. I have had rotors and pads replaced. My mechanic does not that it is the caliper? He has no idea what is causing it. Before they put in new pads, one side of the pads was wearing much more than the other side (on the left front wheel). Any ideas what causes this. Is it worth doing new calipers. I have about 120,000 miles on the 2002 Civic

I have seen the same symptom on other hondas and the cure was turning the rotors while still on the car. the new rotor itself may be straight and true but the hub assembly may be a bit warped, causing it to touch the brake pad as the rotor rotates. Ask the shop if they have an on car brake lathe and see if they will turn the new rotors with it.

also may not be a bad idea to have the bearings checked while you are at it.

When brake pads wear at different rates, the first things to have checked are, make sure the caliper pistons aren’t binding, and make sure the caliper slide pins aren’t binding.

Just an observation.


how long ago was the brake job done?

sounds like one of the calipers is hanging up. it sounds like this was happening before and was showing evidence at the brake job but it was not acted upon.

you may need to find a different mechanic if this stumps your current one.