Squeaky brake pedal 99 ford taurus



Have a 99 Ford Taurus with 93K miles (brake pads were changed at 70k). When pushing down on the brake pedal, the pedal seems to squeak. Even when the engine is off, pushing the brake pedal will make the same noise. Is this something serious or some of the moving parts need to be lubricated?




If you’re getting the same noise when the engine is off then the noise must be coming from under the dash, possibly from the pedal linkage.
Maybe a return spring needs lube where metal meets metal. WD40?


I did lubricate whatever linkages I could see before this post, but the noise still persisted. One thing that I also noticed was that the pedal has a rod attached to it and the rod ends in -for lack of a better term- something that resembles a bicycle “pump”, I am suspecting the noise might be actually coming from the ?pump? (like the piston in the ?pump? is making the noise)


Don’t squirt any petroleum product oil up into that ‘bicycle pump’ area because that probably is the master cylinder which does not tolerate mineral oil products. The most likely source of the squeek is the pedal bushings higher up on the pedal arm. There is a big pin that fits through plastic bushings that are in the upper end of this arm. The plastic usually keeps the pedal from squeeking. It is possible that these bushings are broken or just worn out causing metal to metal contact and the resultant squeeking.


Did you ever get that pedal fixed?
We have a 2004 Mustang with only 30k but it too has started squeaking. Dealership, without even looking or listening, said it was the master cylinder and we’d have to leave it for at least a day and a half.
We didn’t!


put anti size were the pads slide or use brake lube were the calibers bolts go the calibers must slide when the pedals is pushed . check were the push rods go,s through fire wall there will be a rubber seal spray dw40


Ok now , I am now really confused, I always thought the master cylinder is somewhere in the engine compartment.

Can you please clarify? I am afraid you lost me completely. Also I think you are not saying this is the master cylinder, just some kind of support mechanism connecting the brake pedal to reset of brake assembly (I guess at some point down stream to master cylinder)

Ower of 2004 Mustang:
Did you ever get that pedal fixed?
No, I have been out of town and did not have chance. I know what the dealership will say regardless of the issue, change the master cylinder, etc. etc
That is why I try to do some homework (well ask for help on this board) before heading there, hopefully I will appear less of sucker when I talk them

“The plastic usually keeps the pedal from squeaking. It is possible that these bushings are broken or just worn out causing metal
to metal contact and the resultant squeaking.” Please see the question that I posed to boxwrench above, what is this ?bicycle pump? called? In any case I did notice a kind of white plastic (almost like Styrofoam) that the rod is attached to and it moves inside the cylinder (here we go again the ?bicycle pump? thingy ? ) , it did not look particularly lose or any thing. I sprayed just a little bit of silicone lubricant there which did NOT seem to help. What if bushings are broken or worn, is this dangerous? I do not mind the noise but if this in any shape affects the braking efficiency etc would like to address it immediately

Thank you all for your interest and help