Squeaking noise over bumps, drivers front side only, best guess

I have 2000 Corolla CE with 51k miles I bought a couple of months ago.

The issue is that while going over bumps, it has a squeak on the front drivers side. I replaced both front struts (complete ready mount strut/sprint/mount) and that did not solve the issue. Sometimes when turning, there is some sort of popping noise from under the hood (I think strut mount area)…I thought it was coming from a bad strut mount which is why I went ahead and replaced both struts.

The noise has gotten worse as the weather is getting colder.

I’ve also jacked the car up and checked the the tire for horizontal and vertical play and there was none.

Could this issue be more likely caused by a ball joint or stabilizer end link or a control arm? I’m planning on replacing the ball joint and end links on that side on Monday…any best guesses on what it could be?

It is the same exact sound as this (at 1:19 minute):

Except that it only happens when going over a bump.

To summarize:

  • Squeaking Noise from front drivers side
  • Sometimes popping noise from drivers side that sounds like a bad strut mount but can’t be cause it was just replaced.