Squeaking noise from Ford Ranger

My 08 0r 09 Ford Ranger is making squeaking noises when I am driving at slow speeds and when I enter the vehicle and sit behind the wheel.The sound seems to be coming from under the passenger compartment. What causes this and how do I remedy this?

My guess is rubber suspension parts. Could try a silicone spray lubricant.image

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You hear this even with the engine off, right? This is a pretty common thing, and is often simply ignored as long as it isn’t overly loud and there are no other symptoms. If I had that problem and didn’t want to ignore it I’d drive the front wheels up on ramps and have a helper listen where the sound was coming from under the car as I got in and out of vehicle , or whatever you do that is causing the noise. The listener might want to use a length of garden hose as a stethoscope to narrow down where it is coming from.