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Squeaking! HELP!

Hi, My car has a terrible squeaking problem. Every bump in the road creates a sound like two peices of rubber rubbing together. The sound seems to be coming from the front of the car, sometimes it almost even sounds as if it were IN the car. To make matters worse (and what drives me even crazier) it doesn’t always squeak and seems to be worst when it is hot outside!

I’ve had my mechanic re-lube the shocks, but unfortunately while he had my car it wasn’t making any noises so he couldn’t pinpoint the problem (and now thinks I’m nuts!).

PLEASE HELP! Its driving me crazy!!

What kind of car is it? Please give the year, make, and model.

2001 Mercedes C240

It could be a number if suspension components, like tie rod ends or bushings. Folks who are more knowledgeable about this model will chime in with better suggestions.

Whenever I have a problem that is hard to reproduce for diagnosis, I invite my mechanic to drive the car to and from work for a few days. This usually helps him reproduce the conditions that make the noise.