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Sqeaking door panels in 2010 Nissan Rogue

Hi, I’m new here. Listened to the show for 20 years and only now discovered the website for some reason!
In any event, my 2010 Nissan Rogue was awesome until the clicks, squeaks, rattles, etc popped up after the first year. I’ve been slowly figuring them out, but one remaining problem is the squeaking plastic door panels. If I lean my arm on it or or leg against it, it creaaaaaaaaks in many places. Going over bumps it’ll do it on it’s own. Is there anything I can do to remedy this? It is out of warranty as I have about 40K on it and they said that wouldn’t qualify anyhow when it was under warranty as it was “cosmetic”.

Start by looking all around the edge of the panel and see if there is any separation between the panel and the door frame. You might have a snap that isn’t fully seated.

A squeaking door panel is highly unusual. If everything is firmly attached then about all I can suggest is removal of the door panel (to some degree anyway) and may be adding a strip of foam sticky tape in there.
A shot of WD-40 up behind the door panel could also quieten this down.

To be honest, if the car was in warranty they should repair a complaint like this under the warranty.
It could be that the person who told you this was a service advisor and in most cases they’re wrong about everything.

So it’s been a couple months and I’ve looked it all over and had in the dealer again with the same reply. “Nothing back there for us to do anything with, it’s proably the cold weather contracting the plastic making it squeak.” “Mine does it too,” he says. I am SO FRUSTATED! I see you can put videos into posts…I’m going to try and make a quick video in the near future of what it’s doing and put into a post. Hopefully that may generate some ideas amongst you. It is like if I put a brace between this spot on the inside of the panel and the metal inside of the door it would keep it from happening, if that makes sense.

So here it is. This nosie is what happens whenever I go over anything bumpy, my arm rests on the door, etc. and is obviously coming from RIGHT THERE! Please, any input on how to manage this is appreciated. Various dealers shrugged it off as “cold weather contraction” even though it happens all the time and said they won’t fix it anyhow even if it was something they knew about because the warranty is up. I spend a lot of time driving and a quiet ride would be great.

I would try ok4450’s suggestion. Take a thin putty knife, pry the inside panel back just far enough to insert the snorkel from a WD-40 can and squirt in the WD-40. An alternative to WD-40 might be some silicon lubricant or white grease in an aerosol can.