I have a 93 ranger xlt 2wd 2.3l with 150000 miles on the engine. About 10k miles ago the engine started to sputter while accelerating. I replaced the plugs, plug wires, air filter, fuel filter, timing belt, and fuel injectors. I even let each one of the coil wires shock me and they all did. The sputtering still continues. I do not anything else to try accept for maybe the mass air flow sensor. Does anyone have any ideas on what else could be causing this sputtering .

Bad fuel pump?

Using a tamper proof torx driver remove the mass air flow meter. You will see one or two wires I cant remember. Anyway get some electrical cleaner and spray those elements clean. Let it air dry before reinstalling. Do not use shop air to dry! Reinstall and test drive.

I replaced the fuel pump about 2 years ago