96 Ford explorer 4.0

My 96 Explorer has been sputtering on me. I took a right turn one day and now its sputters at acceleration. It has a new fuel pump, filter, injectors, coil pack, plugs, wires, idle sensor, EGR valve. Also, all vacuum lines are good and not cracked or broken. My mass air flow sensor is also clean and clear. I have done all my own repairs on my cars and trucks all my life and thought I was good at it (not so sure about that now). I need to fix this truck ASAP, it has been a big problem for me for too long. PLEASE HELP.

I’v got a 94 that’s doing that. It will be fine initially then after you’ve driven it for awhile it will flood out. press the pressure relief valve on the Intake and it will be fine for a few miles then repeat.