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Sputtering honds

1988 honda civic sedan. Sputtered, lost rpm’s, and seemed as if it was going to die. I put it in neutral, reved and no response at first. In a few seconds it did rev and have rpm’s increase. Put off bad smell, put it in drive and we were off. It did it one more time on the way home. Once when going 20 once when going 50. It has not done this before. Only 109K on it. Thanks

Does that '88 have a carb or fuel injection? Have you kept up with all the maintenance?

When was the last time the fuel filter was changed? How about the spark plugs?

There are many things that can result in a misfire. Since we don’t know anything about the maintenance history of this car, we can only guess at the possibilities.

It says it has fuel injection, but it has this tea strainer like thing over what looks like a carburator. My friend looked at it and he said it looked different than other fuel injectors, but the lid said fuel injection. I am not sure about the maintenance as I just bought it 2 days ago. I called the owner and she said that had not happened to her. It didn’t do it when I took it for a test drive.

It kind of felt like a fuel filter problem. I have owned a lot of old cars. It didn’t feel like a misfire as the engine didn’t lose power it just seemed to lose gas. The dash lights didn’t come on as if it had died. I didn’t have to restart it. I’m not sure about the spark plugs.