Same customer...same car...same problems

on that same 1988 honda civic with the 1.5 in it,it still does the same thing as it will start up and run fine for a few so i got replacing the usual suspects…o2 sensor, idle air sensor, new distributor cap, all parts that have been replaced are brand new and still having same trouble when it gets warmed up it will just shut off with no warning…has great spark and great fuel delivery and still the problem persists!!!..was thinking a motor-swap maybe in order???

Sorry, but I must have missed the original post. Can you redescribe?
Is this a carb?

Since it has fuel and spark to start and run for a few (minutes?), can you describe how easily it starts, what you have to do to get it to start (repeated pumping of the pedal? Repeated turning of the key?), and if there are any specific characteristics of it’s running when it does start?

Again, I apologize if you’ve already answered these questions.

Probably time to quit swapping parts and start the analysis. You need to know what it drops out when it stalls. Does it drop out the fuel pressure or spark? It could be a heat issue such as when the coil or ignition module gets hot and drops spark. It could be a fuel issue such as the infamous Honda fuel relays, or the pump itself not wanting to run, or I suppose it could even be the computer when it tries to go to closed loop operation. First thing though-fuel or spark? Then go from there. An O2 sensor is not going to shut the engine down.

If you have spark and fuel to the rail, the first suspect would be failing signal to the injectors. I think I recall that Civics used carburetors for a long time after the industry moved to injectors in the late 70s, but 1988 seems really late for a carburetor. If it does have a carb, the suspect is the anti-dieseling valve on the carb. Those are the weakest link in late carb vehicles, and will cause a car to just shut down with no warning. On one Toyota I had many years ago, I took the O-ring off the valve mechanism so the anti-dieseling valve was, in effect, always open.

thank you for all your wise words and excellent questions to help on this but i have just now found the main problem to all my heartaches with it…the timing mark was not all the way on top dead center and the throttle positioning sensor had a lose wire in it and to top it all off, there was a lose alternator connection…have done all the above and now it is running like a raped-ape on cocaine…still cant believe i made such a rookie mistake for a seasoned veteran…and once again, thank you to all who have inputed on these problems and i do apoligize for the rookie “hiccup” but will look forward to future conversations with you guys!!!..on a related note, 2005 mercury montego AWD 3.0 litre…heated seat on driverside not working…any help for those???