Honda Civic

I was driving along and as I accelerated my car “coughed” and then sputtered a bit. I was able to get it going again but it coughed and then stopped. The moter will turn over but the check engine light will come on. I am thinking a fuel related problem or fuel line problem. Any thoughts?

It would perhaps help to know the year and mileage of the vehicle, however it’s probably a dead fuel pump. Nomatter, it’ll need to be looked at to find out anyway. The codes might provide a clue, but chances are good that this will be a pretty cut & dry diagnosis.

It is a 1988 and it has approx. 238,000 miles. We had the engine rebuilt about 4 years ago, is it possible the fuel pump to go out that quickly?

Unless you changed your fuel pump at the same time as the engine rebuild, that pump is 20 yrs old. The fuel pump is in the tank. Fuel filter is also an issue if that has never been changed.

Could be the fuel pump relay, too. I think Hondas have trouble with these things. Its an easy check for a mechanic.