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Spring compressor tool with brace construction

I’ve seen lots of spring compressors. Two-pieces, basically a threaded rod with mating block-hooks on them. Then there’s the Branick (ETCG reviews this…). I understand there’s a large step in cost between them.

but then I saw this compressor on the German eBay :(tries to make picture work):

… it looks great. I guess this isn’t in the United States? any ideas how to get a brace on the widow-maker designs?

How about this one?

That ones interesting - I was reading about it - but not specifically what I’m getting at…

So let’s cut to the chase . … :cop:

Are you seeking recommendations for a strut spring compressor?

If so, I recommend the style that @Mustangman mentioned . . . it’s called a clamshell, BTW

Even the HF one? Kinda big though. Never seen one with a brace like the picture?

Yep the clam shell type are the ones always pictured in the service manuals. I’ve used two sets of the other before because it seems like the way my springs and struts were, they just didn’t fit across from each other. There are usually safety clips though that prevents them from coming off. Still, really I’m not doing it anymore and if you don’t have the clam shell, just let someone else swap the springs.

Well, finding a brace design isn’t getting anywhere - and ideally, it would hold the work piece while doing things like tightening the strut bearing on - which means more $$$ to a friendly shop which can do it for me -

but -

I found some economical tools on eBay just now by searching “strut spring compressor” and it looks like some are designed to operate with air pressure - one more reason to splurge on a huge air compressor!

That would not be a source I’d be comfortable with when you consider the consequences of a spring compressor failing at the wrong time. Think in terms of Chinese parts, unhardened parts, or parts with unforeseen flaws, or poor grade steel of unknown alloy. They can look just the same as quality parts and painted pretty. You can be killed by one of these springs letting loose.

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I agree . . .

There is a LOT of energy stored in a spring

I would not trust my safety to some cheap Chinese spring compressor, be it Harbor Fake or some off-brand sold on ebay

There are some things you can safely cheap out on . . . such as sockets and wrenches

And there are things a wise man would NOT cheap out on