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Spray Protectant/Lubricant for Rubber Parts

My car is a 1998 Civic with 182,000 miles. Because the CV boots are the originals, I thought it would be a good idea to have new CV boots installed.

My mechanic says the job isn’t worth doing as preventative maintenance and I should wait until they leak and then replace both axles. He also suggested I find some kind or rubber protectant/lubricant to routinely spray on the CV boots.

Can you recommend a rubber protectant/lubricat to spray on the CV boots to keep them from drying out? Would Armor All be appropriate?

I’ve heard (that sounds definitive) that Armor All can speed up cracking in plastics, so I wouldn’t use it. I might just keep them clean so that grit doesn’t cause damage, but it’s probably too late to affect the life span of 11-year old CV boots very much.

An aerosol silicone spray prevents rubber from drying out.


Thanks. I think I have a can somewhere.