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Cv boot

I have 1992 Honda accord, just recently replaced the cv boots on the car. I wondering is their any product out there that I can apply/spray on the boot to make them last longer.

Thank you

That Honda Is 19 To 20 Years Old.
I Suppose It’s A Good Thing To Imagine That It’ll Last Another 19 Or 20 Years, but . . .

. . . You’d have to dip the whole car in this magic potion. There are some other parts that are aging, too.

You can spray on a little silicone spray, but I’d just love it and drive it, instead.



The car is a '92. How often are you having to replace them? Are you talking about boots only or replacing the entire half-shaft? (More common these days).

I’m sure there are products that will claim to condition & protect rubber. I’m also sure that given the conditions seen by the boots nothing will make much difference.

Thank you, just " breaking the car in"

There is nothing out there that will protect the rubber boots past the first time it rains or you drive through a puddle, or wash your car or …The best thing for them is to keep them clean and dry.

You can use replacement boots made from urethane instead of natural rubber, it will last a lot longer. Too bad the manufacturers don’t use urethane in the first place, but then, when was the last time a customer asked how long the CV boots would last before buying a new car.