Boots , axle boots


is it ok to spray on silicone onto the axle ( boots ) so as to increase their life. it seems like the axle ( boots ) are ruined from the outside thru to the inside , then full cracks then the inside grease is contaminated by the outside dirt or salt


Sure, then you’ll have moist cracking. The wareing out doesn’t just come from road conditioners.


This is going to sound ridiculous, but I have a very reliable friend that restores antique tractors. Some of which are very difficult to get tires and other rubber parts for. He protects all of the rubber on his machines with Mop-n-Glow. I have been using this method on my own machines for about 2 years now. So far So good.


It can’t hurt,but it’ll protect the boot only untill road film and such wears it off, which won’t take long. I think silicone grease and spray is really for an area that’s not exposed too much to the elements. If it’s a good quality boot it’ll already be impregnated w/oils to

fight dry rot. Maybe as the boot gets older it’d be good to apply silicone spray; in the spirit of what tractorman is saying, but still, the effect of road film…


Yea, not a lot of road salt and such on the tractors. Good call.


Some of those boots are more like plastic. Silicone attracts dirt; so if you feel like cleaning them once a week, it’s good. Silicone won’t help cv joint boots last longer.