Spots in clear coat

On my 2000 VW Golf it was parked outside last winter and got an accumulation of dirt on its roof. This sat on the roof for about a month. The dirt washed off, but left spots in a section of the clear coat and am unsure how to approach cleaning this. I tried wax, but it did not work and am not sure if I should try rubbing compound, or polishing compound or some other cleaner. Thanks for any help.

I use Meguiars Cleaner Wax.’s%20Brand)>Auto%20Paint%20Care>Car%20Waxes>Liquid%20Car%20Waxes&sectionID=11501

It does a good job removing light scratches and water spots without damage. You have to be careful with rubbing compound on clearcoat finishes. If you need to use a compound, get the white compound, the red is too abrasive.

Ed B.

I miss the edit button. Select the Car Waxes, Liquid Car Waxes link on the left side of the screen to open the correct window.

Ed B.