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Spot light

I drive at night when I need to see a patient and so many do not have lights on. What kind of spot light, that won’t cost me my first born, would you recommend?

Is it really that difficult?


Or here’s another one:

A 6-D cell Maglight.

thank you.

A 6-D cell Maglight.

…or a 2 D cell LED Maglite. Personally, I would prefer one of these so you don’t have to worry about batteries.

By the way, 47andholding, twotone has a great point. I found what I was looking for by googling for “12 volt plug-in car spot light.” I know they don’t teach [b]Information Literacy[/b] in most schools yet, but they should. Our local community college includes it as a graduation requirement.

You can get a Cop Car style spot-light permanently mounted in the “A” pillar. Serious illumination and reliability compared to the hand-held units…