Sporadic Skipping in 1987 Mitsubishi Montero

I own a 1987 Mitsubishi Montero 2-door, 4x4, vin # JA7FJ23F9HJO30272 with a 5 speed manual transmission. It’s powered by a family 2.6 T2FFC3 engine with CID 1.55.987.

My problem occurs quite sporadically, sometimes after driving 100 miles or so. Then, the engine starts missing as if you were turning the ignition off and on very quickly. Most often I have to limp back home by getting spurts of acceleration along with skipping.

Some technicians say the bushings are worn out in the distributors shaft housing and some other technicians state it may be a carburation problem. However, I am desperate for a solution to solve my problem, and possibly better my fuel economy to more than 12+/- miles per gallon.

Is this a common problem of these vehicles with high milage? Do you have a solution to resolve my problem? My vehicle has 132,059 miles as of this writing.

try some gas dryer and carb cleaner and also change you fuel filter before going into bigger money expenses.