Spontaneous combustion with BMWs


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Just as an aside, I contracted for some fire safety training at work once where we trained people in using a fire extinguisher. Everyone put a fire out and it was drilled into us to shoot the extinguisher at the base of the fire not on top. So then why are they sticking the hose under the hood instead of underneath? They hose the cars and house down from the top down, instead of from the bottom up. Just seemed like it had little effect on the flames. Remember that though folks, shoot that extinguisher at the base. It runs out very quickly so you only have one chance.

You are very right.

I took fire safety programs for 21 years and was taught the same.

And that technique always worked.


Do you know what a flash point is? The flash point is the temperature that organic compounds give off sufficient vapor to ignite in air…Yes earlier what I quoted was the temperature at which gasoline vapors ignite so my apologies for typing quickly without completely reading through post first (work has been busy tonight), but you seem to be more interested in nit-picking everybody else’s answer over technicalities even though several of us have said that you’re wrong.

Gasoline has a US DOT flammability rating of 3 for a reason, because the vapor

Here’s an MSDS sheet for unleaded gasoline:



And yet you’re on here opining that BMW owes these people money, despite admitting you have no idea why the cars caught fire. That’s not very scientific of you.

I worked in TV news for a long time. Crap stories like this one are what pushed me to leave.

For your edification:

Because if there’s fuel on top of the engine leaking down and feeding a fire, it’s a really good idea to wash that fuel away. They’re also trying to cool the entire engine compartment concurrent with putting out the fire, because once the temperature gets high enough shocks start to cook off and become missiles that can kill. Aiming the extinguisher at the base of the fire makes sense because you have just a few seconds of use before it’s empty. Fire hoses can spew water indefinitely at over 100psi and upwards of 300 gallons per minute. They afford firefighters the luxury of different techniques.

At any rate, I’m curious as to why you started a thread by asking us what we thought, and then proceeded to fling insults at those of us who bothered to respond to you. Accusing me of being a BMW shill, suggesting @Mustangman is a bad engineer, telling @VOLVO_V70 that his attitude is flawed and distorted…

I’m not going to flag your OP as trolling despite the fact that it clearly was but I am going to be very, very blunt, with the caveat that I will completely understand if @cdaquila decides what I have to say isn’t for public consumption.

Your posting patterns around here have been exceedingly abrasive and strange. You are on the path to being ignored by everyone with the way you have been behaving. I strongly encourage you to think about what you’re typing before you hit the send button, and consider how you would react if someone were to say the same things to you. This community is very slow to ostracize a member, but when it does it’s permanent.


If that statement were true, then the diesel engine would not exist as a diesel engine do not use sparks or flames to ignite.

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The problem with fires being caused by Ford cruise control switches involves high electrical resistance (meaning heat…) being applied to brake fluid which has leaked into the switch.

If brake fluid will ignite with heat then gasoline certainly will. I’ve never had a reason to throw gas on a hot manifold to find out.


Somewhat ironically, gasoline dripping on a hot manifold is less likely to ignite than oil.

The gas vaporizes so quickly, it never reaches its ignition temperature.


A glowplug (alternatively spelled as glow plug or glow-plug) is a heating device used to aid starting diesel engines.


@shadowfax has a good handle on this

@andrew_kennedy7 asked " So then why are they sticking the hose under the hood instead of underneath?

When firefighters approach the car they will hit the fire direct and when possible bounce the water on the ground to try to drive it up underneath, especially with an engine fire. Up close there is not enough room to maneuver the hose to get a decent angle, unless the ff lays on the ground and angles the nozzle up. Dangerous for the ff and if we can get in on top we can flood the fire with water/foam. A truck will have anywhere from 500 to 1,000 gallons of water. Rare that we cannot put a car fire out with that. If we run out, the next due in truck has more water. Hand held fire extinguishers give you no more than about 10 seconds, aim for the base, if you can’t put it out back away and call for help. These are only good for small fires that just started, once the fire gets established do not put yourself in jeopardy with a hand held extinguisher.


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I have a friend whose boat, unattended caught fire in the garage, quite a mess, so he bought a new boat, parked it next to the garage and it caught fire luckily only damage to the siding, go figure. First one was caused by the battery as best I recall, second no conclusion as I recall.


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There should be little risk of a fire.

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Have an old Alcort sunfish, neighbors on the lake were very interested in buying it, some people like old boats and cars I guess. Maybe even me, bought a 53 Johnson to put on our 50 Crestliner, paint is faded but Alsakan kicker beer a good rendition, Retirement planning for the old boat parade.


Maybe they left their vapor cig charging and used an incorrect charger.


How long was the sunfish ?

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Car related Highway is being redone and lake association agreed to a public boat launch. DNR is like this is not a destination lake and there are so many public access signs along the road you should not expect a significant increase in cars launching boats. No invasive species yet, one of the 10% clearest lakes in MN, too much money to create private boat launch for cars and trucks, our old launch now inaccessable due to 2 to 4 lane expansion of the highway. Pretty primitave as we say, it is hard to tell probably a 6’ drop between the asphalt and the water.


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To Andrew Kennedy, I have driven hundreds of class 8 diesel tractors. Only a handful of them were equipped with glow plugs.