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Speedometer malfunction

My speedometer is pegged at 110 mph. A couple day ago it would start a 110 and max out when I started down the road.

Took it in for repair and was told that I need a new cluster (what ever that is) at $375.00 plus labor. Any help out there on this would be greatful

What year Impala? Are there any other symptoms (odometer, check engine light, other gauges, etc)?

You might want to stop by your local speedometer shop. Most larger cities have one and they may have a better idea. I am guessing your Impala has an electronic speedometer not mechanical so you may be stuck with the replacement.

2004 Impala LS. I have the same problem. Speedometer, Tach and Temp gages all whacked out. I did some research and this appears to be a VERY common problem. The gages are operated by stepper motors. Those are the culprit. According to my research GM is repairing the problem for free on Tahoes with this problem. They use the same stepper motor as the Impala. We need to put some pressure on GM. Go to the NHTSA site and post a complaint on there. With enough complaints they might force a recall or warranty campaign. A defective speedometer is a safety issue.