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2003 Chevy Suburban Speedometer

My suburban’s speedometer stopped working, the odometer continues to count the miles, but the speedometer does not work, it is stuck at a number or at the bottom “0”

Do I need a new dashboard console or is there another part or need of repair???

The speedometer gets its signal from the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) which attaches to the transmission. Perhaps the VSS is bad.

I had the same problem with the speedometer in my car. I found a website where I had it fixed for $140. They rebuild the entire cluster the guy said that all the gauges in the instument cluster are driven by the same type of motors and that I should replacce all of them before the were out. It made sence to me since the rpm’s gauge was beginning to act weird. anyways here is the addres in case you wanna check it out.

There is a TSB for when " gagues become inoperative" I don’t know if this also means speedo. The fix is a PCM ref-flash. A tech with a Tech 2 could do a gague sweep and help narrow this down. 03-08-49-020