Speedometer setback question


Back in 1995 I bought a 1994 Ford Taurus from a Ford dealer; it showed 12,500 miles. Then at about 90,000 miles things started happening–radiator tank separated from the core, water pump went out, transmission went out, starter went out; all at different times. It still runs good and uses no oil. 3.0 engine, BTW. No aluminum heads for me!!

I’m suspecting that the car had more than the indicated miles. Is it too late to check on this, and maybe get retrubution from the Ford dealer?

Thanks for any information.




About 5 minutes ago I asked a few questions about a Ford Taurus, and forgot to include my email address, thinking it would be automatically added.

It is sign3@airmail.net

Thanks again for any info.


I doubt very seriously the odometer was tampered with on a one year old car.
The vehicle is 12 years old and the chances of going back and proving or collecting anything is less than zero IMHO.

You’ve had some problems. Any chance any of them are self-inflicted?
The trans went out. How many times did you change the trans fluid in 90k miles?
The water pump went out, the plastic radiator tank split. Did the car overheat, even briefly? How often did you flush the coolant in 12 years?
The starter went out? Verified, no doubt about it, a bad starter? This could point to a lot of key cycles and it finally gave up.

That’s all assuming the diagnosis was correct in all cases. A busted radiator is pretty obvious; the rest may not be.


Even if you had ironclad proof the statute of limitations has run out. Nice try, though.


Cars are disposable consumer products. It’s 12 years old, that’s all you get. It’s a miracle the tranny and radiator lasted that long…