RPM's and a thermastat

99 ford taurus 232000 miles. Great car I keep it fairly well maintained or my mechanic does actually. The thermostat was faulty and while in a long idle it shot all the way to HOT. The car did not over heat. the thermostat was replaced. A week later another long idle and it shot up to HOT again. A few days after that it was discovered I had a leak from the O rings going into the radiator part/section. They were replaced. Yesterday I drove from work to the store about 25 miles. I got back to my car - started it up - it was rough/sluggish. I drove it 100 feet and noticed the RPM dropped or would not go up to where it had been normally. 40 to 45 miles an hour RPM at 1 or 1.5 …It drove home “ok” but, I have had the car 13 years and I know there is something wrong. But I do not know what. Thanks

Probably damaged the temp sensor.

Congratulations for the mileage. You have exceeded my Taurus disposal criteria by 92,000 miles. 232,000 on any car is good but there should be an end somewhere along the line.

I also have said that if it runs good, keep on going. I would be proud of you if you commented that you drove it to a junkyard or a metal recycling place and took whatever was offered for it.

I did that once with a car that I got for free and it saved me a lot of time and money. The previous owner had neglected it, the red light was on and a tune up would have been too much work.

The engine was one of those GM four cylinders with the distributor between the engine and firewall and the plugs toward the radiator. The job was literally “over the top” and would not have fixed the red light problem.

By now, safety is compromised on the Taurus and a long nap won’t cure the metal fatigue. My recommendation is that you get rid of it before it hurts you. You can’t prevent all disasters but you can give this one a try.


Compression test

Fuel pressure test

Check for fault codes