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Speedometer Problem on 1996 Ford Crown Victoria PI

The speedometer on my 1996 Ford Crown Victoria has been acting strange lately. It works as it should for the first few miles of city driving, then it will shoot up to about 52 mph (no matter what my road speed is) and stay there while I’m in motion.

When I stop, the needle slowly falls down (but never all the way to the zero peg). When I start moving again, the needle goes right back up to 5s mph and stays there.

If I let the car sit overnight, the speedo works as it should, then goes right back to its old tricks.

I replaced the vehicle speed sensor and the problem still exists. I even disconnected the battery eliminte stray electrical current as the problem. But, the needle on my speedo stayed put.

What is wrong with my car and will it require a replacement speedometer or instrument cluster?

Thank you for your adivce.

Mark B Handler