2003 dodge neon instumentals panal

hi there. my problem is that when i go to start my car the gas guage, speedometer,and hot and cold. guages wont work, and sometimes they do work, any idesa and if i need to replace a part what part do i need to replace so can buy it, any help will do thanks you…

Okay …let me complete the description. You correct me if I’m wrong.

I start my NEON and sometimes I’m blind to everything. The entire dash is dead. The digital ODOMETER reads “nobus” in some oddball graphic attempt at letters. It stays this way for a while …and then for no good reason I can figure out, it comes back and everything is working again …until the next time.

Is that correct? If not, what’s different?

Totally different car, but my '95 Neon had the same problem. Turned out to be bad solder joints at the harness connectors. Touched 'em up with a soldering iron and the instruments have worked fine ever since.

yes that correct

I’ll speculate that it’s the main bus connector behind the cluster. The next time it happens, give the dash a decent rap with the heel of your hand. If it goes away with that action, that’s the usual suspect. I’m confident that there’s a TSB on it. On my jeep it’s just a “contact” thing. That is, the cluster just inserts itself and is held in by the fasteners for the cluster.

ok ill try that thanks for info