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Yeah, I agree those digital engineers are the worst! 0=black; 1=white. There’s no in between with those guys!
Of course the remainder of the disciplines are analog in nature so they are alright. Oh wait, I forgot about those pesky mechanical engineers where gray is pantone #10U


Bing, that isn’t the way engineers think. Engineers don’t see black or white, they simply analyze the crap out of everything no matter how simple and see the results and all their variations. Engineers see wavelengths below 390 nanometers (gamma rays, x-rays, and UV rays), the visual spectrum (390nm to 720nm), infrared waves, and radio waves (radar/TV/FM/AM). They see a spectrum from the total lack of any waves in the visual spectrum (black) to a total saturation of all the waves in the visual spectrum (white).

But it’s nice to know that someone remembers that we exist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok OK, my head is spinning with all this talk of wave lengths and x-rays. I have trouble visualizing things I can’t see like rays. Except for little bugs that I know are there but I can’t see them. If we could see them none of us would sleep at night. No offense to engineers.


Daughter gave me this after retiring from a career of design and troubleshooting: