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Speed warning


I remember somewhere, Speed limit enforced by radar, like the radar is going to come and grab me if I am over the limit?
ps is that a nuclear warhead firing off the f15(not sure of model)

The wonders of photoshop

Its an F-16 firing an AIM-9 Sidewinder air to air heat seeking missile.


Just to digress,
Move faster kids eh?
Really? my wife needs her blow drier
Schools cannot move
Do I go straight? But I turned cause the sign said so.
But as George Carlin said language is a mess, we park in a driveway and drive in a parkway


You would appreciate an f15 flying 450 mph flying over the runway pulling a 180 putting on full afterburners and landing on a runway! At the #1 sac air base air show when I was there. Not to mention near 360 degree flips of 4 helicopters, accellerating to a point and flipping off, it was a canadian team I think called the Dragonflies.
Just to expound more every intersection on the base had a signal with red flashing lights. It they were flashing you pull over and stop to let the crews get to the planes. It could be a test alert or full alert, no one ever knew at the time. Warheads would be loaded and the planes would go.

The pic is photoshopped but an incident in Iowa a few years ago was not. A flight of 4 T-38 Talons from the AFB here did a flyover at an Iowa college football game.

Regulations state they are to fly no more than 300 Knots and a minimum altitude of 1000 feet. These guys buzzed the stadium at 400 Knots and almost took out the press box and scoreboard. I think it was stated that they missed the scoreboard by 60 feet and the press box by about 20 feet.

Three Majors and a Lt. were involved in this. The local paper stated that as much as the AF wanted this to go away that three of them were reprimanded, 2 ground controllers were also reprimanded, and the flight lead surrendered his wings; never to fly a military aircraft again and also gave up about 6 grand in pay.

LOL definitely photoshopped.
Speeding is still a real problem though, especially for responsible parents. Most of the kids I see on the streets are speeding most of the time. That’s why it’s a good idea to install a vehicle tracker on your teenager’s car.

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Photoshop? Yes, and so what, it’s still funny as hell.


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I always read ‘End Construction’ as a protest sign.


Actually the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen an F-15 do is come in over the runway at about 115 kts (135 mph) and slowly rotate the nose up 90 degrees while applying afterburner and then accelerating straight up. There are only about three aircraft in the world capable of that maneuver and two of them are Russian. The F-22 might be able to but I’m not sure.

Anyway, back on topic. I got to thinking late last night that a good sub-caption for that picture might be “Someone’s gonna need a new muffler.”

It’s also carrying drop tanks. Must be an out of state mission.

I’ve been buzzed by low flying military fighters when driving remote flat sections of I-80 in northern Nevada. When a fighter jet flies overhead at 500 feet, and 600 mph, it’s definitely an attention grabber.

Shortly after the Vietnam war, the NY State Police hired a helicopter pilot to patrol the Thruway and gave him a beautiful dark blue with gold trim copter. I am pretty sure he had combat experience because he flef jus slightly higher than the cars, weaving in and out between the trucks.

Quite an impressive sight, didn’t last long though. Figure he probably buzzed a political bigwig.

There’s a hot springs in Death Valley NP, way up a dirt road, that’s officially clothing-optional. I was there once (anthropological research) when 2 jets (Navy, I assumed, from China Lake) came in low over us then turned straight up and blasted us, not close enough to hurt but we could feel the wind.

If they were Navy jets, they could only do that if they already had a healthy head of steam at the start, like going at least 250kts. It takes a lot of power to do that from stall speed like the F-15 I saw at Rota Spain.

They did a number of putting the nose up full afterburners and disappearing into the sky, very impressive.

Maybe someone complained. That’s all it would take. An old office mate used to work in LA. She said they went to Edwards air base in helicopters piloted by Vietnam vets. The choppers were usually going fast and at treetop level. After a while she got used to it.

Yes, they were. What’s the stall speed of an F-15? The glide path?