Speed warning


Since we are so far off topic, Had a few of these

Not sure what that helicopter is, but had firetrucks and police cars all converging on a point where another helicopter landed with the parking lot surrounded by semi trailers, rumor is practice for a tromp visit.
What is this helicopter?


I don’t know, but it’s a Canadian registration.


Easter Bunny. Them’s plastic eggs he is dropping.


It is definitely a Robinson, I think it is an R-44.


Thanks, that looks like the one I saw, unusual profile,


My guess is not, a pretty thin anti-aircraft missile. Fighters would not fire a nuke at another craft, but drop one as a bomb?


It’s a Robinson R44.


Got emergency locate diggers ticket for a fence. Fencing off a park nearby trump visit, outside of the park sidewalk, to keep it car related no parking signs put on every post, Think trumpster is arriving by helicopter, but when Bush’s bus came through, every street on his route blocked off with police patrol. Hope he flies in, maybe less traffic congestion. R44 looks a bit odd, but I guess they can come pre equipped with surveillance technology. @sgtrock21 Thanks for the info, looked at the stats for the r66, don’t know enough to be impressed but 126 mph, not too bad. Tried to take a pic, but phone reversed camera and did not need a pic of my face.


That reminds me of the WKRP thanksgiving episode. It took me a week to recover from that episode.


Those plastic eggs falling from the sky can be pretty hard on your head if you are hit by one. Not as bad as a turkey but still kind of like firing a gun up in the air. That lead has to come down somewhere and can sting when it does.


This photo must be photoshoped, however the car racer must be shocked seeing this. Speed is matter, but it just to maintain in some special area!





I guess, in a very indirect way. Speed has kinetic energy and energy can be equated to matter (mass) via Einstein’s famous equation.


Does it really matter?


No soap, radio!


There are a couple SLOW CHILDREN signs near my neighborhood. They remind me of the helicopter door gunner scene in “Full Metal Jacket”. Q: How could you run over slow children? A: Easy! Ya just don’t lead em as much! I know. I’m terrible.


The one that used to get my wife is the “stop ahead” sign. She had drivers training in South Dakota and don’t think she ever saw a stop ahead sign. She thought she was supposed to stop ahead of the sign. It took a couple years but I think we got it straightened out. You can drive at 14 in SD and Iowa. If I would have known that I would have moved when I was a kid. Just another reason I treat laws as general ideas contrary to some folks here. So a mature kid at 14 in Minnesota that had been driving since 12 would be qualified in Iowa but not Minnesota?? See makes no sense to me, especially if you lived half a mile from the border. So in Minnesota its not safe to drive 80 but cross the line on the same identical road and it is all of a sudden safe to go 80? See? Rules have to have some reasonable flexibility.

At our gathering last weekend with SD and Iowa folks, we talked about a 9 year old driving his injured dad from the farm to the hospital. No such thing then as the EMTs minutes away but more like 30 miles. He could drive on the farm and could shift gears and see over the steering wheel. Wrong? Not in my book. The kid was doing what was required in the situation. So quit being so anal about strict law enforcement. Like it’s ok to get shot at and blown up but can’t smoke to digress to a pet peeve. At least they can vote now.


But who decides what is reasonable? That’s why it’s left up to each state to make their own laws regarding traffic laws. And it’s not just state borders…Driving in the small town I grew-up in (population 2,000) and NYC (population 8 million) are completely different.


That’s what I mean. It’s hard for engineer types to see gray areas and situational ethics. It all tends to be black and white. I understand that’s the way engineers need to think. Who wants a bridge or software designed with gray areas but when it comes to a 9 year old getting behind the wheel to save his dad, I’d give the kid a gray area medal. So in this case the kid decides.


Just the opposite. That’s exactly what engineers do. It’s when the politicians get involved that all logic goes out the window.